Dr. Louise Ryan* answers your questions about Collagen

What exactly is Collagen?

If we take apart the word “Collagen” we have “colle” and “Gen” which means to produce. So we can define Collagen as being a kind of glue that retains and makes up the entirety of the body’s conjunctive tissue (bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, eyes, hair, nails, etc...). Your entire body's organs and tissue (100% of your organs and tissue) contain Collagen and that’s why it is important in the ageing process.

What is the correlation with aging & our health?

Collagen is produced until the age of 30 only! It's after that age that all your organs begin to age. This inevitably brings along the onset of osteoarthritis, loss of hearing, loss of vision, loss of muscle mass… and it also naturally leads to more important issues.

At what age should we start using collagen supplements?

The sooner after you reach 30, the better it is, but there’s no bad time to start. Even if you are 80. The benefits will still be incredible. If you are lacking Collagen, your liver is less efficient, less toned and disease will come in a hurry. This is also the case for your kidneys, heart and arteries. During a conference, a colleague said “Collagen is the iron in the reinforced concrete; if you don’t put enough iron in the concrete, the building will deteriorate much more quickly, will not be able to withstand much strain and will eventually fall apart.”

*Dr. Louise Ryan is a pen name. Doctor's name and image have been changed for confidentiality reasons.